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Did you knowthat currently the sellers of an average New Hampshire single family home, with an average value of $500,000+/- and who pay a 5% commission, will pay $25,000.00 just for that service? That’s a tremendous amount of money syphoned from any seller’s home’s equity! Especially when that home goes under contract in a matter of a few days as recent sales past two years market of short supply and high demand have shown us.

Did you knowthat it is now possible for New Hampshire home sellers to pay about half of that without sacrificing any Real Estate Broker services and being better represented without any conflict of interests?

Dubious? I don’t blame you. There are companies out there playing games with commissions along with convoluted referral-based businesses. But we’re not one of them. We’re a full time/full-service New Hampshire Residential Real Estate specialty company that practices full disclosure and provides dedicated, single agency service to home sellers to accomplish the task of selling their home for the best price while providing the highest degree of service at a fair and cost-efficient price.

Is you company licensed? Yes. N.H.R.E. license # 007793 & 077254. Also, N.H. Auctioneers license # 6120

Are you experienced? 37 years in and around the Real Estate business Property Management, Renovations and Flipping.

Is it legal? Absolutely! We wouldn’t be licensed for very long if it wasn’t legal.

Why would you reduce your pricing by so much as opposed to much¬†bigger companies? Because in today’s real estate market, it’s the right thing todo. You’ll read more about why we do it in the coming pages.

So, how do you do it? Before we get into that please take a look at the chart below which is a perfect example of an average single family home sale and the breakdown of compensation between New Day Realty Services’ 4995 listing program and a typical real estate brokerage today.

New Day Realty Services & 4995listings.com

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