The Cost Savings

As you can tell by the example on the home page the cost savings is dramatic! So much so, you may be wondering why has the cost to sell a home been so high for so long in the first place? The answer to that question can be summed up in one word. Franchises!

When most people think of a franchise, the first thing that comes to mind is a Restaurant, not a Real Estate Company. But more than half of them on the street today are in fact franchises. The most recognizable names are, Keller Williams, Century 21, RE/MAX, Berkshire Hathaway, Better Homes and Garden, Coldwell Banker and others. Now, there is nothing bad about these companies per se. The problem with them is the multiple layers of redundant expenses that exist within them that are just not necessary for you to get your home sold!

What am I talking about?

Let’s start with an individual real estate broker who likes the idea of buying into an established business plan with national recognition, licensing for signage use and the trade name. That’s an initial expense of $50K to $500K and much more depending on the market area. Educational and promotional material is extra. Like any franchise, whatever it is, there are ongoing monthly and/or quarterly franchise fees along with fees for national advertising. These fees never end.

Once the Broker has secured his franchise, then they have to do what any other business does—find and pay for a location, licensing, equip it, staff it, pay for utilities and all the other items all businesses have to do.

That’s an abundance of expenses that quite frankly you don’t need to sell your home in your little corner of the world!

Here’s a thought to ponder. Did you know that about 80% of people who buy their first home, or trade up or down from their first home do so from within 50+/- miles from where they currently live? That said, franchise corporations and their franchisees (the local owner) spend literally tens of millions of dollars a year in advertising. In reality, it’s the home seller who’s paying for it via the 4% and 5% or more in commissions the local brokerage charges to list and sell a house. “BUT”… if you pay attention, they’re not advertising anybody’s house, their advertising THEMSELVES! They want you to know how big and wonderful they are and so on, but not a word about your house!

As opposed to New Day Realty Services. We’ve created our own Business plan. And, it’s a simple plan that offers home sellers the highest level of service by well-seasoned top real estate brokers providing single agency service at a price that is realistic and fair!

Don’t pay for things that provide you with no benefit.

New Day Realty Services and 4995 Listings Derry NH

Now, the first thing our competitors, (those expensive franchise brokerages) are going to tell you is, “$4995?…well, you get what you pay for!” Don’t listen to them. We are a full service brokerage providing our home sellers the same services such as a comprehensive site visit to not only review the home with you but to gather all your home’s pertinent information as well as measurements and photographs. We will then offer some tips and suggestions that will often add considerable value to your home for minimal expense and effort. We will review the document we will later be sending to you electronically. Then we assist in gathering your deed, tax records, condo documents, and more. Once the listing package is complete we will submit your listing to the MLS®, Zillow®,®, Redfin, Trulia® and other real estate shopping sites.

In addition, we also provide our own custom signage at you home and discuss with you your option for a no-cost open house, (please see the article on “The truth about open houses on our Glossary page.)

We work with all co-operative brokers who have pre-approved ready, willing and able buyers about purchasing your home. We follow up with them throughout the inspection and financing processes to assure that your home closes on the agreed upon time schedule making everyone happy in the process.

Optional services are available such as: aerial photography, home warranties, clean outs, lawn care and plowing, as well as “Home Ready Services,” where we can arrange for a roof replacement, mechanical replacements, house painting to light carpentry and more. Call us with your needs!