We Are All Brokers

If you’re like most folks your home is most likely your single most biggest asset. That being said, all our residential home listing specialists are Licensed Real Estate Brokers with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in not just real estate but other related fields as well.

What does that mean to you?

Brokers, as opposed to agents, have spent more time in the business and are more educated than your typical real estate agent. Agents come out of a 40-hour training class, take a State and National exam and off they go looking to list or sell their first home. According to Google about 80% of them don’t make the first 2 years.

Those who do make it 2 years or longer with a certain number of successfully closed transactions are allowed to study further for the real estate brokers exam, and those who have been brokers for 2 years or longer, and who bring other skills to the table, such as a mortgage background, home construction, special Realtor™ designations, are invited to join New Day Realty Services, llc. to be a Regional Listing Broker Specialist.

We truly believe your home, your biggest asset, should be handled by only the most experienced persons in the business.

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