Condo Documents are nearly as important to a condo owner as their deed. The reason being they are the written rules and regulation set forth buy a group of people who have decided what will done and not done, acceptable and not acceptable and paid for and not paid for at the place that you’re going to call home for the next however many years! A copy of these documents along with any revisions or addendums to it over the years as well as budget statements showing the financial condition of the association is given to a prospective buyer to review for a certain number of days before a purchase and sale is made final to make sure they agree to abide by these rules and regulations and then a permanent copy is given to the buyer at the closing to keep until they eventually sell the condo. Too often condo owners don’t appreciate the importance of their condo docs until they want to sell their condo, and they can’t find their documents, then they get upset when the condos management company charges them $300.00 for another set.