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Home buyers have questions! Lots and lots of questions as a matter of fact. Buyers who work with an experienced real estate buyer’s agent who is also a realtor, will have a number of advantages over buyers who try to go it alone. Below are just some of the benefits that you will have working with one of New Day Realty Services’ buyer agents.

Things you should know…

To start with, our buyer agents are full time professionals. With ever changing market conditions and economy’s, today’s home buyers need an experienced buyer agent who can do more than help them just find a home. They need someone who is on top of those changing markets and trends. Buyers also need help navigating the processes of financing, inspections, negotiating, and keeping all the contingencies on schedule, and toward the end, reviewing the closing documents with you. Your New Day buyer agent is your personal advocate.

In almost all cases, working with a buyer’s agent is a free service to home buyers. You get professional help and guidance throughout the home buying process, contract review, help with negotiating terms and dates and assistance with inspections, etc… and it’s at no cost to you! That is because it is typically the home seller that pays for the service of their listing broker and the buyer’s agent. (Here you can see where the concept of dual agency is not a good idea.)

An interesting sidenote: Legal scholars debate that last sentence because they argue that if commission were not an issue, then the seller could sell for less money. So therefore, they feel that the buyer is in fact paying the commission. Obviously, none of these great legal minds never bought a new car. Imagine approaching a car salesman and asking him to show you a car and he told you before he could do that you would have to pay him X dollars commission upon the sale of any car. No doubt you would leave the dealership. That is because his commission is built into the cost of the car.

So, with everything that an educated and experienced New Day Realty Services buyer’s agent has to offer in assisting you with the biggest purchase of your life, and does it for “NO COST TO YOU”, why would you go it alone?

Your buyer’s agent will be more knowledgeable about the areas that you are looking to live in than if you depend solely on a Google search. At New Day, we strongly encourage our buyer agent’s to live in the area you are looking to buy a home in. You, doing a quick online search of a particular town is fine, but it can be limited or worse, grossly outdated. And remember, information is only as good as the people who input it! Your buyer agent can better inform you with updated and more accurate information if they are from the area themselves.

A buyer agent will be able to schedule appointments to view different properties that can perhaps only be seen on certain days and times. Co-ordinating a buyer’s desire to see a home has to be in sync with a seller’s availability to allow the home to be shown. New Day Realty Services subscribes to an appointment setting service. The service is designed to protect not only the sellers’ home and property by recording who enters, and when they enter the home, but also protects the buyer’s agent and their customers, as well as home inspectors, service people and finally, the lenders appraiser. All this collected information is saved and maintained throughout the duration of the listing. Putting yourself in the shoes of a home seller, you can really appreciate the benefits of this service. No agents, buyers or other professional can enter a home without it being scheduled and recorded.

Your New Day buyer agent can be most helpful to you in getting you pre-approved or at least pre-qualified for a mortgage. He or she will know several mortgage professionals who will work with you to find the best mortgage program that suits your needs. And, if your credit needs some work to get you into the home of your dreams, New Day’s buyer agents and the mortgage broker will assist you with ways on how to improve your credit to help you get there. It is all part of what they do. If it turns out that home ownership is not obtainable for you right now, they will stay with you and work with you to get you there. This is what New Day Realty Services feels is proper and professional customer service and expects from our buyer agents and mortgage partners. You are free to provide your own pre-qualifying/approval letter from a mortgage broker of your choosing. However communicating with that person can sometimes be a challenge as your buyer agent won’t likely have any relationship with them.

Important sidenote: It is standard practice today for home buyers to be pre-approved or pre-qualified before working with a buyer agent to go and view properties for sale. Why? Well, it’s pretty safe to say that all home buyers today will someday be home sellers. So, perhaps the point is best explained from the perspective of… a home seller. If you’re living in a home that you are trying to sell for whatever amount of money, would you want people going through your home who cannot afford to buy it? I think not. What would be the point? And from the position of a professional real estate broker or agent, why would they waste their time? It may sound harsh, but today’s real estate professional is not a tour guide! In addition, most sellers these days will not take their house off the market if the buyers offer does not include a lenders pre-approval letter. It may take a few days to a week to get one, but why would a seller take their home off the market for a week at the risk of losing the opportunity to sell it to a solid pre-approved buyer, only to find the out that the buyer they took the home off the market for… is $20,000 short of being able to afford it? And now, the better buyer they could have sold the home to has moved on and bought another house. (see RE Glossary to learn the difference between a pre-qualified buyer and a pre-approved buyer.)

New Day Buyer Agents can also work with you to purchase a home from a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). Our buyer agents will seek a compensation agreement along with property disclosures from the private seller. Most FSBO’s will agree because if a buyer’s agent can bring a pre-approved buyer to the sellers table, it is likely to save them time and still be less expensive than paying both for a listing broker and a buyer agent.

Mostly, the objective of a FSBO is to save money by not having to pay a commission on the sale of their house. But for some, that is not the case. Some FSBO’s may not even be the true, or sole owners of the home. And then there are times the home in question may have defects that the FSBO may be trying to conceal. The giveaway there is a FSBO who declines to sign a property disclosure. New Day’s buyer agents will research the property ahead of time and will know the questions to ask a seller beforehand in the effort to keep you out of trouble and wasting your time viewing a property that for one or another reason could be a headache for you down the road.

A New Day buyer’s agent can also help you with the often complicated process of buying a foreclosure or short sale property. The process of buying one of these homes is not like buying one from the everyday home owner/seller. Today, lenders that foreclose on properties hire asset management companies to liquidate the homes that have been foreclosed on. These companies can be difficult to work with and you should expect the process of purchasing a foreclosure or short sale home to take much longer.

If you have any questions about home buying or selling, or if you are ready to begin working with a New Day Home Services Buyers Agent, please give us a call. We hope it has been obvious to all who read our webpage’s that not only do we strive to educate today’s home buyers and sellers about how the experience differs today from that of their parents and grandparents time, but that by doing so we earn your respect and trust for not just one purchase, but for other real estate purchases and sales in the future and, those of your friends and family.

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