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By reading our home page you can tell that New Day Realty Services takes a much different approach toward selling your home. Our standards require our listing personnel be real estate brokers, which is a higher level of real estate education and licensing and that they have 5 years experience in real estate. They are carefully selected for their approach to clients, the home sellers, and their ability to work with them to maximize a home’s potential so as to increase the sale price of the home.

New Day listing brokers are not shy. While we work to build a relationship with you, we feel part of the relationship, which is after all more of a business one than a friendship, may sometimes involve us having to be totally honesty with you about your homes condition that either should or could be addressed in order for you to put more money in your pocket the day of closing. We want you to maximize your home’s potential. We feel that true success should be a win-win for all sides. Then, with a satisfying and successful closing behind us, you can consider us to be a trusted professional friend who you would not hesitate to work with again or refer your family, friends and co-workers to. That is our win.

Questions sellers most ask us…

Q. Franchise real estate company’s have been around for years! Tell me again what is wrong with them?
A. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with them. It’s just the additional overhead that a local franchised real estate company has to cover so they in turn can pay the franchisor for use of the nationally recognized name on a sign out in front of their office and all the TV and radio commercials that air around the Country.

As mentioned on our home page, ALL REAL ESTATE IS A LOCAL COMMODITY! Wherever you live, the real estate there is a local commodity. So why hire a company that spends a good part of its money (which is actually your money via commission) advertising in every nook and corner of the country? Or, North America? Or for some larger companies, the World?

In addition, most well-known real estate franchises are publicly traded companies. Think of one and ask Google “is XYZ publicly traded?” If they are, then there you go, another expense. As a franchise corporation, you can count on them have a rather good size corporate office building, a well-paid CEO, a CFO, a COO, a number of board members, and at least a dozen managers of this and that department. As well as a fleet of leased executive cars and maybe even a corporate jet. When you hire a franchise real estate company to sell your home in your little corner of the planet, you are paying for all the above listed items aside from the service of the local real estate person that you’re actually working with! It is all part of the commission you pay them.

Q. How much can I save listing my home with New Day Realty Services?

A. As of this writing the typical single-family home in southern New Hampshire today is selling for $350,000 ish. If we can save you just 1%, that’s a $3500 savings! If we can save you 2%, which is the more typical amount of savings, that is $7000 in your pocket to go toward your new home or whatever you wish to do with. For an upper scale home of say $800,000, a 2% savings would be $16,000.

Q. Are there any extra or hidden fees or charges?
A. Not a single one! Understand, we are not cutting services. The four ways we save you money with our 3% commission is… 1. not being a franchise, 2. taking advantage of today’s time and money saving technology and passing those savings on to you, the home seller. 3. Requiring our brokers and agents to be more experienced which in the long run not only assures a higher level of service for our home sellers, but it actually cost us less because experienced people make less mistakes. And, 4. We specialize in residential real estate. We do not do rentals, commercial property, or business sales.

* There are only 2 criteria for a home to qualify for the 3% commission. The property must be a 1-4 family home, or condominium. And it must have a minimum value of $200,000. That’s it!

Q. We’ve interviewed 3 other real estate agents to sell our house and all of them have a different value! Why?
A. When it comes to determining the value of a home, you have to keep in mind that a real estate broker or agent, is not typically a licensed/certified real estate appraiser. Think of the difference between an Accountant and a CPA. Like our friends in those fields, they perform many of the same duties. Real estate professionals do work similarly to real estate appraisers. Both look at the age, style, quality, square footage, lot size, tax value and lastly, and most importantly, the location. The difference between real estate professionals and accountants versus real estate appraisers and CPA’s is a more and specific level of education along with the weight their jobs carry in both liability and legally matters.

Still, even with all that, it should not be surprising that if you have 20 people look at your property you are likely to get 20 different opinions of its value. You should be more concerned with how far off those values might be. If they are off by a few thousand dollars either way, then you could say it’s purely a matter of opinion. The odds of someone coming up with the same value are tiny. However, If the values are off by tens of thousands, then you could venture to say someone is either inexperienced or low balling to take advantage of a seller. Or they may be high balling to get the listing and will later end up talking the seller into lowering the price when no one shows up to look at the home.

Q. Why does Zillow’s Zestimate™ say my house is worth “X” dollars and you say it’s worth “Y” dollars?

A. This has become one of the most often asked questions in recent years by sellers and even buyers when they are researching a homes value. The problem with Zillow™ and their “guesstimates” as the business refers to them, is they rely mostly on sources like public transfer records and city/town data which is often outdated or inaccurate, unlike experienced boots on the ground local realtors who actually visit a property to get accurate data on the home and asses the quality of it’s features. Things like kitchen and bathroom quality. 1 car garage or 2, deck size and landscaping. Are the roof and the home’s mechanicals 25 year old originals or have they recently been replaced? Just because you have 2 similar houses in the same neighborhood with the same square footage and lot size that does not mean they should sell for the same money. The features of one house can add great value or be worth less than another.

The time between those sales matters also. If one house sold in late-October, which is the beginning of a slower selling season, and a similar house just 3 doors up sold the following June when the market is hot, that house would most likely be worth more simply because the season itself typically creates a higher demand. Nobody, especially Zillow should be giving a value on anything, especially a house without actually seeing it! Please Google for yourself and enter, “problems with Zillow estimates”. It really is quite a read.

Q. Are there any other expenses associated with selling my home?
A. In New Hampshire other than commission and paying off any mortgages and/or liens, sellers must pay N.H. State property transfer stamps, which is a tax that at the time of this writing is $15.00 per $1000. And is typically split between the buyer and seller. So, on a $350,000 home sale, the tax would be $5250.00 or $2625.00 for the buyer, and $2625.00 for the seller. You also have the cost of preparing the deed of transfer which typically at this date is $200 to $400. If there is an issue with your deed/title, (referred to as a cloud on the title) you would also have to clear the problem using a title attorney. The cost of that is a case by case expense that only an Attorney can talk to you about. It is a fairly rare occurrence.

Q. If we have already purchased a home with the help of another company’s agent but we want to use your service to sell our existing home, can we do that?
A. Absolutely! You can hire anyone you want to sell your home. And we hope you choose us. We love saving our clients’ money! In addition, you can be assured that we will work closely with any co-operative brokers, agents or companies in any of the States that we service.

Q. I live in another state and have inherited a property in New Hampshire. Can you sell it for me?
A. Not a problem! We are experienced in estate sales and will work with you and/or your attorney if there is one to get the property sold for you. In addition, if the home needs some attention to maximize its value, we can arrange to get the home in better condition for you. We will do everything on our end to accommodate your time frame and budget. And if you would rather not bother fixing up the property or just do not have the time, we may offer to buy it from you directly in its current condition giving you a quick and easy closing.

If you have any questions about our services or real estate in general, you may Email us at Perhaps we will include your question on this website so others with similar thoughts can better understand the real estate process. Thank you!

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